SpointCloud.com is a group of websites all run and operated in Bargoed, Wales, UK. We run several websites ranging from Photography to History. SpointCloud.com is run by Christopher Dally since 2008 but was incorporated into a limited company back in December 2021 under SpointCloud.com Ltd (company number: 13819550). We was incorporated into a limited company to protect our brand identity. We are not here to make much money but the money we do make out of advertisements on our website we invest in our portfolio of websites and our platform. We design and build all our websites on our network mostly for our personal use but sometimes for clients for which was managed it for them.

Most of our platform of websites are developed using WordPress but some use Joomla. We do sometimes acquire or buy websites which are already designed/live websites. If you have a website that you think we might like to purchase from you then please get in touch as we are always looking to expend.

Below is a list of domain names which operate under SpointCloud.com and are mostly redirected to our main website;

Domain NameDate First Registered
Rootzmail.com3rd March 2016
DonaldBoy.com12th February 2018
DonaldBoy.email10th May 2020
DonaldBoy.co.uk13th May 2020
DonaldBoy.uk13th May 2020
SpointCloud.uk25th October 2021
SpointCloud.co.uk25th October 2021
SpointCloud.com25th October 2021
SpointServer.com7th December 2021
SpointEmail.com26th December 2021
SpointEmail.co.uk26th December 2021
SpointEmail.uk26th December 2021
SpointCloud.info29th January 2022
SpointCloud.xyz29th January 2022
SpointCloud.business1st February 2022
SpointCloud.company1st February 2022
SpointServer.info4th February 2022
FoodDess.com24th October 2022