SpointCloud.com, based in Bargoed, Wales, UK, is a collection of websites managed and operated by Christopher Dally since 2008. Our websites, including those focused on Photography and History, are all run under the umbrella of SpointCloud.com Ltd (company number: 13819550), which was formed in December 2021. This incorporation serves to protect our brand identity. While our main goal is not to generate large profits, any advertising revenue we do earn is reinvested in our portfolio of websites and platforms. Our network of websites is primarily designed and built for personal use, but we also occasionally cater to clients who require our services.

The majority of our website platform is built with WordPress, although some utilize Joomla. Occasionally, we acquire or purchase websites that are already created and live. If you have a website that you believe we would be interested in buying, please reach out to us via our contact form as we are constantly seeking expansion opportunities.

The following is a compilation of domain names affiliated with SpointCloud.com, primarily utilized as redirects to our primary website.

Domain NameDate First Registered
Rootzmail.com3rd March 2016
SpointCloud.uk25th October 2021
SpointCloud.co.uk25th October 2021
SpointCloud.com25th October 2021
SpointServer.com7th December 2021
SpointEmail.com26th December 2021
SpointEmail.co.uk26th December 2021
SpointEmail.uk26th December 2021
SpointCloud.info29th January 2022
SpointCloud.xyz29th January 2022
SpointCloud.business1st February 2022
SpointCloud.company1st February 2022
SpointServer.info4th February 2022